A Timeless Classic


An oldie but a goodie! MAC ‘Ruby Woo‘ is a classic. Everyone had this lipstick 3 years ago. It’s such a beautiful matte deep blue red that makes your lips have the perfect pout. Here are dupes if you’re looking.


New Pick Up of the Week


The Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow is everything! I got it in the shade Karma Kitten which is a rose gold infused with silver glitter. I decided to pick one up to test it out and I love it! This is perfect for those summer nights that we all love. Check out the rest of the colors here. Let me know if you have tried them!



The term baking is so funny to me! Especially, for what the people in the makeup industry identifies it for. Baking your face just mean setting your concealer so it doesn’t move or fade away. The Ben Nye translucent powder works great because it has no coloring which isn’t going to add additional color on your face. Baking can also be used to clean up your contouring area. Sometimes our contour looks like we went over board but the setting powder helps you correct any mistakes you’ve done. Try some other of my favorite’s here.

Set your makeup!


This Mario Badescu setting spray in ‘Rosewater‘ is everything! It’s full of natural ingredients for your face. It truly is amazing when you’re feeling dry and need moisture in your face. This also works on hot summer days when you just want to stay refreshed! Check the rest of their setting spray’s out here.



You can get a nose job for $2.99! All you have to do is contour! Makeup is a lifesaver due to the fact, that it’s all an illusion. We wash it off at the end of the day. I may fix my imperfections but in some way I love them. This L.A. Girl concealer will work wonders in making your nose slimmer. Check out the their whole collection here.

Leg Hack!


I learned this hack from my mom. She loves bronzed legs and came across this moose foundation that works wonders! It is technically for your face but I use it on my legs for days I want to look bronzy and have airbrushed legs! I just apply the foundation in my hands and mix it with my regular body lotion. It gives great coverage! Try this out and let me know how it goes!

New Finds


I was recently at my local Kohl’s store and discovered these liquid lipsticks! These are not matte at all, they feel comfortable on the lips. The formula is like wearing a lipstick that is creamy. The brand name is called Academy of Color. I got the shades Mink Pink and Rosie Posie. They only cost me $6.99 each. Try these out if your ever at Kohl’s!

Mini Eyelash Glue


The House of Lashes eyelashes glue is everything! It comes in white and black. This glue comes in a mini set or you can always purchase the regular sizes individually. I like the black lash glue because I don’t have to use my liner to go over my lashes. This mini set is great if you’re just trying to test them out but not commit to regular size. Check these out if you haven’t!